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Calibration, Qualification and Validation
for Medical and Health Industry.

ASSI Medical division offers calibration, qualification and validation services for medical and health industry, from hospitals, blood banks to research centers and risk management departments. Also dedicated to electromedicin equipment maintenance as technical service of important and recognized brands at international level. Repair and calibration of pipettes is offered in our ENAC accredited leading laboratory. Inquiry any quality service you may require to our specialized technicians.

Service Areas

  • Specialized technicians in medical and health industry
  • Updated with your sector standards and regulations
  • Access to your calibration and qualification plan though our CALIBWEB
  • Integral Service
  • Recognized company with 3 locations, Barcelona and Madrid, and more than 20 years of experience in your sector.
  • 100% flexibility and adaptability to customer needs
  • Express Service


Equipment Calibration

  • Measurement Instruments Calibration. Calibration variables: temperature, weight, volume, humidity, rpms, incubation, pressure, electromedicin, electric signals, care, analysis, risk management.
  • Temperature: refrigerators, freezers, deep freezers, cryo-freezers, thermometers, ovens, thermostatic baths, thermo blocks, heated plates, probe registers, thermal cyclers, cameras, autoclaves, etc.
  • Weight: precision scales, scales for people, baby scales, cranes, weighing beds,…
  • Volume: Single and multichannel pipettes, dispensers, burettes…
  • Humidity: hygrometers, humidity loggers,…
  • RPMS: centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges, tachometers,…
  • Incubation: CO2, temperature, humidity, O2, …
  • Pressure: sphygmomanometers, manometers, meteorological stations…
  • Electromedicine: electrocardiographs, defibrillators, electroscalpels…
  • Asistenciales: Espirómetros, cooxímetros, hemoglobinómetros, pulsioxímetros,…
  • Análisis: espectrofotómetros, PH metros, conductivímetros, medidores de redox,…
  • Prevención de riesgos: sonómetros, luxómetros, anemómetros,…
  • Repair and maintenance service: preventive and corrective maintenance, instrumentation repair and supply. Electromedicine equipment maintenance.
  • Our services: In Situ, Integral Service, BPO. Do you want more information?
  • Calibration Audit Plan: audit and advice for compliance of calibration plan to applicable regulations
  • Accredited (ENAC) Calibration. Temperature, pressure, humidity, volume and isotermal means. More information in ASSI Labs

Pipettes Calibration and Maintenance

In addition to our service on calibration of pipettes on site, ASSI provides a specific laboratory for calibration, maintenance and repair of pipettes.

  • Collection and delivery service
  • Direct service (no intermediaries)
  • Delivery 5 days
  • All brands and models

For Pipettes accredited calibration (ENAC) see ASSI Labs.


Cabinets. Under standards NPTs, ISOs, INEs, GMPs…

  • Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Ductless Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood

Filter cabinet supply and change

Operating rooms. Under standards ISO 14644-1, UNE 100713 y UNE1340

  • Pre-operating rooms and operating rooms
  • Hemodynamic rooms
  • Pharmacy Rooms
  • F.I.V Laboratories
  • Anesthesia Rooms
  • Sterilization areas
  • Burn center, UCIs, others…

Management of microbiological controls in operating rooms

Qualification of Thermal Equipment and Sterilization

Certification of sterilization cycles in “empty” and with several workloads.

  • Autoclaves
  • Sterilizers
  • Sanitizers

Thermal mapping to determine stability and temperature uniformity in cyclic processes

  • Climate Chambers
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Warehouses
  • Stoves and incubators


  • Autoclaves and pressure equipment legalization and periodic inspections
  • Microscopes maintenance and inspection
  • Laboratory equipment supply
  • Standard or customized training courses