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Manage your Calibration Plan Online.

ASSI has been a pioneering company with the launching of Calibweb on 2007, a website for the management of all calibration and qualification plan. Nowadays we remain market leaders with this platform thanks to regularly updates, being the last one from June 2015 and including groundbreaking advantages for our customers.

You can access the service here:


  • Agile, intuitive and easy to use
  • Total equipment management
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Not subject to maintenance or updates. It’s on the cloud.
  • Control access management. Use of email and high security for password.
  • Paper savings
  • Validated System which assures the compliance of applying standards, from ISO9001 to GMPs
  • Among others.

Using Calibweb you will certainly get a more effective management of your system and you will benefit of a big save of time in compliance with your standards.

If you want to have access to Calibweb please contact us through the following form: