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Customized and flexible service

Calibration, Qualification, Validation, Training and Calibweb

ASSI has a strong and consolidated structure with more than 60 professionals. Among them we have engineers, bachelors and masters in the pharmaceutical industry, graduates in chemical, computer science and skilled technicians.

ASSI provide calibration, qualification, validation services as well as training in all those areas, and dedicated to large companies as well as small business or freelancers.


Calibration is the procedure of verifying the correct measurement of an instrument.

The aim of calibration is to maintain and verify the good performance of measurement instruments and equipment to ensure traceability and reliability of measurements according to requirements of quality standards.



Qualification is testing and getting documented verification that facilities, equipment and systems offer effective systems and perform appropriately following the applicable standards during the different phases of a project: Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).




Validation tests are review processes that provide documented evidence that processes, systems and equipment comply with specifications and requirements of current standards and regulations.




ASSI offers a wide range of customized courses and an annual training program tailored to each company needs.




Our Intranet is an online tool which allows an effective management of your calibration plan with a complete control of your instruments and equipment. 

From anywhere at any time.