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New ENAC accreditation in pressure Calibration service of pressure equipment from – 1 bar to 1000 bar, in laboratory and in situ. See technical annex for ENAC accreditation 216/LC10.173 here. Trust us your calibration of the following equipments and experience the guarantees offered by the accreditation: Manometers ENAC calibration Pressure transmitters ENAC calibration Differential Pressure Equipment ENAC calibration Pressure transducers ENAC calibration Liquid columns ENAC calibration Presostatos ENAC calibration For additional information please contact...

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New ENAC accreditation in temperature and relative humidity N˚ 216/LC10.173 accreditation as a testing laboratory for ENAC accredited calibration of the following equipments, in laboratory and in situ. Analogical thermometers Digital thermometers Temperature transmitters with RTD sensor and analogical output Converting probe RTD Thermocouple Data logger or temperature registrator Thermohygrometer Data logger Relative humidity transmitters with analog output Temperature indicators and recorders without sensor Analogue converters temperature Calibration baths Dry pit furnaces for calibration Steam autoclave esterilization Stove Incubator Oven Muffle Refrigerator Refrigerating equipment Store or silo Freezer or chest freezer Ultrafreezer Thermostatic bath Climate chambers Heated rooms See the documento de acreditación. Or its scope in this link. For additional information please contact...

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On June 2015 ASSI launches a new version of Calibweb, a website for the management of all calibration and qualification plan including groundbreaking advantages for our customers. A total of 2500 registered users from which 586 have accessed the last 6 months with an average of 15 daily connections and a system reliability of 99,97%. Our customers show us that we are the #1! Every time we make it easier. You can get more information here:...

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A distinguished customer service is one of the main goals in ASSI and for this reason we launch a new website adapted to customer needs and with a revolutionary structure. This new version includes several features and improvements both in design and navigation, content and technology to let you have a better use of it. The blog will be updated regularly with relevant news from our company and sector, and from now on our site is responsive with tablets and mobiles. The new site will allow us to be in touch with you at any time and in a simple way. Just take a tour and enjoy...

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