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Micropipette calibration

After more than 30.000 micropipette calibration done, ASSI gives a step forward in volume equipment calibration offering ENAC accredited calibration for our volume laboratory according scope 216/LC10.173.

An independent service guarantees quality and impartiality.

This scope allows us to calibrate any micropipette from 0,5 ul to 10.000 ul.


August 2016 the accreditation gets extended for volumetric equipment calibration, from 0,1 µl to 100 ml, including equipment such as piston burettes, dilutors, dispensers and syringes.

Calibration of glass burettes its also under our accreditation, and all our accreditation gets extended to onsite calibration.

The latest extension of this accreditation makes it the widest accreditation in Spain, aiming to cover all your calibration needs in volume magnitude.

ASSI offers a micropipette preventive maintenance service out of the reach. This maintenance consists in micropipette decontamination, internal cleaning, tightness test with vacuum equipment and O-ring and retainer replacing.

Our multibrand service includes original spare parts at the best price and deadlines.

Micropipette preventive maintenance

Micropipette corrective maintenance

ASSI offers the possibility to solve detected breakdowns on your pipettes out of the accredited scope. This service is offered directly by ASSI without intermediaries.

Send us your damaged pipette and we will send you a reparation quotation without obligation so you can evaluate if it is worth it to repair.