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After 20 years managing mass calibrations with external laboratories, ASSI certifies and launches its mass calibration laboratory. This step forward is to offer the service to our clients in a direct and quick way with high quality standards.

Our laboratory offers calibration of all standardized E2 mass from 1 mg to 500 g, and from 1 mg to 20 kg for mass F1, F2, M1, M2 and M3.

Nonstandard weights can also be calibrated, or weights of parts in general can be certified.

The service includes mass cleaning and its adjustment, if permitted.

The accredited scope allows us to calibrate onsite all laboratory balance and weighting systems from 1 mg to 10 Tn, according to accredited scope ENAC 216/LC10.173

Mass accredited calibration

Calibration of scales, weighing and totalizing

The accredited scope allows us to calibrate all kinds of scales and weighing systems in situ.

  • Balances and non-automatic weighing scales
  • Weighting systems for hoppers, tanks, reactors…
  • Dynamic weightersic weighers
  • Weighted weighers
  • Gravimetric instruments for automatic weighing
  • Continuous totalizer